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Engine and gearbox oil analysis provides similar information to that which a blood analysis gives your doctor. This analysis is the major non-invasive check that can be simply carried out on engine and gearboxes and provides at least a base line condition and very often detects developing issues in time to limit the damage and cost of repairs.

AYS surveyors take the samples and records the necessary information – engine type, oil details , running hours etc and forwards the samples to one of our chosen oil analysis laboratories who swiftly and professionally undertake the analysis in state of the art laboratories.

Analysis of the oil:

AYS provides both oil and fuel analysis service that benefits Owners and Buyers of any yacht.

Oil analysis can identify the for biggest engine killers before its too late. Routine testing can tell where these killers come from and what they can do to your equipment.

Fuel dilution is the amount of raw , unburned fuel that has ended up in the crankcase. It lowers viscosity creating friction related wear almost immediately. Dilution levels exceeding 8% could cause crankcase explosion.

Soot is a sign of reduced combustion efficiency and is caused by over-fueling, air restrictions, blow-by, and or excessive exhaust back pressure.

Coolant usually enters an engine through a broken head gasket, cracked cylinder head, cracked block, faulty water pump or lubricating oil cooler and can cause wear in bearings , bushes pistons, liners, cams and valves. More than 4% will be seen as an emulsion.

Dirt is detected by the presence of silicon and aluminium. it causes wear most rapidly in components made of iron, lead, copper and tin such as pistons, bearings and liners.